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Tim Cook: Countries that embrace trade 'do exceptional'

At the opening to the Economic Summit of the China Development Forum, Apple CEO Tim Cook called for "calm heads to prevail" amid increasingly tense U.S.-China trade policies.

? Trump signs tariffs memorandum against China

Nepal hopes closer cooperation with China on hydropower projects

The Nepalese government hopes to strengthen cooperation with China to develop hydropower projects, Nepalese ambassador to China has said.

Leading global CEOs launch 'race' to cut emissions

Leading global CEOs joined forces to launch a campaign in Beijing on March 23, encouraging the international business community to take action toward zero-carbon and zero-waste business practices.

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Turkmenistan Pipeline of Peace underway

Often called the "peace pipeline," the TAPI may hold the key to bringing the Central and South Asia closer for mutual benefits instead of bickering and engaging in hostilities.


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China fosters interdisciplinary research

China implements strategies for innovation-driven development, and interdisciplinary research has become an important path for obtaining high-level innovation results.

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